Check in de las 3:00pm / Check out 1:00pm

We have a free and guarded parking.

Yes, only for room categories in Essentia and Adults Only.

Until 7:00pm

Any modification must be made directly from the reserved platform, penalty charges will apply according to the number of nights booked and booking conditions
and policies and fare type.

30 minutes, approximately 36 Kms Hotel location, how to get there?
Boulevard de Juan hurt Main Street, Villa del Mar. 21000 Rep.Dom.

You can contact Transekur directly phones: 849-632-5454 and 809-333-7999.

Yes, they will always be subject to the availability of the hotel at an additional
cost which must be requested the same or the day before departure.

You will have no problems registering, although when the reservation passes
from 12:00 at night it automatically goes to no show and penalty charge according
to reservation policies.

Pets are not allowed in any type of pets.

Yes, subject to availability at an additional cost.

An opening is under way now.

Room Service, amenities pascal morabito, premium drinks, exclusive pool area, essentia reception check in, among other facilities

Only essentia category rooms.

9:00am – 5:00pm.

Guests who are not staying at the hotel are not allowed in the hotel.

We have packages available at an additional cost, request serviced information to the customer.

For the standard package, local national drinks and barrel president beer.

11:00pm; Although there is a bar that operates 24 hours a day.

Only in specialty restaurants. You can do this at Customer Service from 9:00am to 12:00pm (same day reservations).

No, these have an additional cost.

They vary depending on the time and type of massage, they can check list of
options in the SPA menu. (Have Spa document with prices at hand).

No, it costs USD 40 p/p


All-inclusive service, day and night activities, bars, swimming pools, a la carte
restaurant, buffet, coffee shop, beer bar not included snacks 24 hours, among

For more information on the cost of the test, please contact our Guest Services.

If a guest receives a positive test while on the property that prevents departure, the cost of quarantine at the property will be covered by the customer, where they will be supplied with everything necessary, and food will be provided to the door. The extended stay due to quarantine includes the guest and his/her companion sharing the same room. This program remains valid if government travel regulations are in effect.

No, the Covid-19 test must be covered by the same customer.

For guests traveling to countries that do not accept the viral antigen test, it
includes the provision of the required PCR test at an additional cost to the guest. Full details about the location and prices of customer service testing can be found.

Your companion must remain in the same room.